Terms and Conditions

QBAdvisor Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

QBAdvisor team thanks you for choosing us to assist you with our Accounting/Bookkeeping and other Services and Offers, and it is our humble request that please read all the terms and conditions completely for your own knowledge. This is a legal contract between the customers and us (QBAdvisor). And you are agreeing to accept these conditions. Our professionals and experts provide precise and loyal services and also provide negotiation services in taxation, accounting, and bookkeeping.

Terms of Use

QBAdvisor.com always free and reserves all rights to accept and deny entry to provide services to anyone. To use https://qbadvisorusa.com, you have to certify that:

(a)        You are eighteen years old,

(b)        The information you have entered is accurate

(c)        You are compulsorily qualified to our terms,

(d)        Agree with all our T&C before purchasing any services or products.


The page described our terms and conditions for QuickBooks products and services that are outlined on the https://qbadvisorusa.com, including updates, references, and new releases, content, and more.

While providing you services we charge you payment for all services in US Dollars and the amount will be debited on your account and provide the amount or payment details specified in the payment terms or service agreements on the website.

We Accept the Payment through any of the Credit card, Debit card.

Online Optimized Performance Advantage:

QBAdvisor provide you many accounting facilities including bookkeeping/payroll services/tax management, QuickBooks accounting software services. Once served we charge for our bookkeeping/accounting/tax/payroll services and all payments are subject to the return and return policy outlined in the website.

QuickBooks Technical Support Services

QBAdvisor professionals are ever more accessible to assist customers by telephone and are also available for live support if selected for the same. For all services offered by our advisors, fees are prepaid and refund or refund policies are outlined in this terms and conditions page.

Product Availability

All product on our website is subjected to availability. If in the case due to high customer demand for any product or service being out of stock, we will immediately inform you of its possibility as soon as possible. In addition, customers can able to replace ordered items and exchange for in-stock items. We are not responsible for any typographical or graphic errors on any product of our website.

QuickBooks Limitations

Any duplication or modification on the QBAdvisor.com without signed approval from QBAdvisor is rigorously forbidden. Also, we do not express that the information on our site is appropriate, available, or permitted for use in all areas.

Restriction of Liability Disclaimer

QBAdvisor cannot be kept responsible for any third party claim or damage against any customer, malfunction or delay in services, interruption in services, business loss, or any other damage to the customer.

Third-Party Service

QBAdvisor is not liable for any content, service, or connection/link that exists on its website, but is recognized and managed by other third-party sites or members. Members need to contact the site administrator or webmaster for any matters about any third-party site or link. Also, any service member’s access to or access to any link from the third-party site is subject to the terms & conditions and privacy policy of the third-party site and QBAdvisor is not liable in any way. We advised all our members to evaluate the corresponding privacy policies of third-party sites before using the service.

Complete Service Agreement

These terms and conditions are complete with QBAdvisor Invoice about the product ordered by the customer and there is a special agreement between the customer and https://qbadvisorusa.com, and they are in agreement with every prior or contemporaneous offer, oral or written, understanding, condition, warranty and all stands by. Other communication between us and the customer about the subject product. This agreement cannot explain or enhance the previous course of buying or selling by custom or usage.

Refusal Right

QBAdvisor has the independent right to restrict the number of orders or refuse orders at our preference.

Copyright and Trademark Information

All content involved and accessible on the QBAdvisor official website https://qbadvisorusa.com,, containing any kind of image, video, text, content and interfaces, is within reserved rights, and the selection and arrangement of the same are protected. Use of content on the https://qbadvisorusa.com,  for purposes other than licensing, modification or distribution, display performance, copying, or deleting data or for any commercial purpose of any kind other than being used without the written consent of an authorized officer of the QBAdvisor is strictly prohibited.

Refund Policy

If you are not happy with the delivered services you are entitled to get refund of the goods and services within a specified time period of 15days. If you wish to get the refund we can process it within 15days of your subscription or purchase.

In order to initiate the refund process or for any kind of help you can send us an email on support@qbadvisorusa.com